Solutions We Offer
Responsible e-waste recycling. Reuse. Resale. Recycle.

End-Term IT Asset Recovery

We will process your old computers and other beloved end-of-life IT goods that have become cost-ineffective to continue to repair, maintain, or upgrade. Upon receipt of your used IT equipment, we will evaluate the residual value of each item on a case-by-case basis and can customize profit-sharing solutions to fit your needs or recycle your unwanted items. Our goal is to take discarded electronic equipment and either fix it for resale or reuse and recycle its parts to complete other devices.

End-Term IT Recycling

Instead of having your old computers clog up landfills, you should consider IT recycling! Just because it may not be useful to you anymore does not mean it won’t be useful at all. Our excellent in-house technicians can bring life back into discarded IT equipment and recycle its parts to be used in other devices. Students could get “new” technology for school, libraries could get “new” research equipment, or nonprofit organizations could utilize “new” items to meet their goals. The possibilities and reach of electronics recycling is endless.

Data Destruction and Security Services

Security is of the utmost importance. Data wiping (DOD, classified level destruction) and degaussing of IT assets are securely managed and stripped of personal or proprietary information and softwares by our expert technicians. Equipment that cannot be refurbished or recycled will be disposed of according to strict environmental guidelines.